CokeFest 2020: Pakistan’s first-ever digital music festival is on its way

Innovative and interactive, CokeFest2020 will be a celebration of music and food with the new normal

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: The coronavirus pandemic has brought a halt to some major events that could have otherwise been happening around this time of the year. There have been some events, both in Pakistan and outside that have incorporated the new normal in their strategies and come up with innovative techniques of keeping their audiences entertained in an unpredictable, stress stricken world. Mark your calendars because there is another such event coming up! CokeFest 2020, the first-ever digital music festival will soon be opening its gates to Pakistan. The three-day event will be live from 20th November all the way till the 22nd.


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Coca-Cola has taken upon itself to come up with a concept that embodies music, while also keeping the food supply running for the audiences enjoying their show. Collaborating with Patari, a popular online music streaming platform in Pakistan, and Tapmadthe on-demand video streaming platform of the country which takes the lead in its forte, Coca-Cola aims to give its audiences an unparalleled experience where they are virtually connected to the show. That is not all, the audiences will also be able to engage with the event which will be more of a two-way interactive experience.

Yassir Pasha, the CEO of Tapmad stated, “We already made progress on a conventional one-way communication, whereby we offer content to a user and they consume it in a passive way. However, in order to engage the users for a longer duration, we pursued a strategy to create a two-way communication in terms of content integration with the user.”

Adding more to Pasha’s impression, the CEO of Patari, Zarlasht Faisal said, “Throughout the year, people have seen a lot of social media live events but what we wanted to do was to recreate the experience of being at a digital music festival through engagement with our audiences; we were looking to do something that could have an emotional connection with people.”

Who will be at the CokeFest 2020?

Like all its previous CokeFests, Coke aims to include the leading names from the music industry for CokeFest 2020 as well. The unbelievably talented 9-year-old Pakistani rapper Kaky Thou$and will go live on the show. The ethereally enchanting voice of Natasha Baig will ooze charm for all her listeners. The list of heavily acclaimed performers set the grace the show with their presence includes Sirine Jahangir, Shamoon Ismail, SomeWhatSuper, Young Stunners, ESharp, Abdullah Siddiqui, and XPolymer Dar. Last but not least, veteran rockstar Ali Noor will be hitting the stage as well, and he has a surprise for his listeners too!

Will there be food?

Yes. All past CokeFests have always celebrated good food and the love of cuisine, and this year will be no different. FoodPanda, as the official food partner for CokeFest 2020 will be providing over 200,000 discount vouchers over the course of the festival for some of the most loved food outlets of Pakistan.

How can you attend CokeFest 2020?

The event will be free for all to attend. All you need to do is download and register on the Patari mobile app, and then sign-up for the event, after which you’ll receive a unique code. The code can be used on Tapmad’s mobile app or website to enjoy every performance virtually from anywhere.


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While the pandemic has altered the course of reality, it doesn’t necessarily have to change our attitudes towards our favorite music. To ensure music is wholeheartedly enjoyed, while also ensuring safety, Coca-Cola, Patari, and Tapmad are bound to send everyone’s expectations skyrocketing with a trend they are soon about to set for musical concerts.


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