Yasra Rizvi opens up about Churails, her poetry and Instagram haters

In a candid conversation with Tabish Hashmi, Yasra Rizvi found humour in every situation as she spoke about her weaknesses, her art and the hate she receives

By Farheen Abdullah

KARACHI: Yasra Rizvi is recognized as one of the most powerful actors from the local industry. Though we might not see her on screen very frequently, the recent web series Churails has definitely brought her in the limelight. Invited as a guest on Tabish Hashmi’s show, To Be Honest, Yasra Rizvi proved exactly why she is praised by so many as she spoke about Churails, her poetry and even the online hate that she receives. Laughing through it all, Rizvi let us in on her shortcomings as well. Here is everything that we learnt about Rizvi during the conversation with Tabish Hashmi.

Yasra Rizvi on Tabish Hashmi Show TBH

Yasra Rizvi is extremely candid

Be it her career choices or the kinds of irrational questions people ask her on social media, Rizvi seemed to give honest answers without skipping a beat. When asked about her casting for Churails, Yasra Rizvi admitted that she was not the first preference for the role of Jugnu Chaudhry. In fact, she auditioned for the role like many other women and was lucky enough to be selected. In the series, Jugnu’s character drinks and smokes a lot, habits which some of the audience has assumed that Rizvi also has. Finding humour in the kind of questions that are posed her way, Rizvi made it clear that she does not need to be intoxicated to perform well.

She does not let online hate get to her

Being a public figure comes with its own pros and cons. Having your whole life at the disposal of the world for them to comment on it is not easy. Rizvi, too, confessed how she receives negative comments on her social media, specially after posting a picture or video of her natural face. Even though Rizvi earlier confessed in the show that she is short tempered, she did not seem to lose her calm at all when speaking of her haters. “Bhai tum matt dekho (Don’t watch it)” is what she advised her haters to do.

Yasra Rizvi wants to be remembered by her words

Rizvi shared that she began her journey with poetry years ago but gave up on it while she was pursuing her education in the US. Rizvi thought poetry did not hold good career prospects for her until one day she uploaded one of her pieces on Instagram and started receiving recognition. When Hashmi asked her how she would wish to be remembered after her death, Rizvi responded “main apne likhay huay lafzon main jeena chahti hun (I want to be remembered by my poetry)”.

The episode ended on another humorous note as Hashmi and Rizvi acted out an impromptu scene involving the famous Karsaz ki churail where the host acted as the churail trying to lure the layman, played by Rizvi.

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