Best memes from Pakistan’s Election 2024!

By Cutacut Editorial Team

When the going gets tough, the humor gets even better! As we wait anxiously for the results for the 2024 Pakistani Elections, the tension is palpable. And so, our best coping mechanism is to upload memes! And boy did we deliver! Equally brutal and equally hilarious, there is no denying our humor!

Bilawal’s unexpected win in Lahore

There came a strange point in the 2024 Pakistani Elections, when during counting the votes, it looked like Bilawal is going to win Lahore and the memes were brutal and hilarious!

Of course there had to be a Pakistani Elections meme series on IKs reaction to the sweep, whilst being in jail.

How could we miss an opportunity to celebrate Imran Khan’s win! No meme post would be complete without an Imran Khan reaction section!

The Shareef family was not spared from being meme content

At one point in the night, it seemed as though things weren’t looking too great for the Shareef family. To add insult to their injury, they seemed to be losing against PTI backed independent candidates!

It’s fair to say, no matter what happens in our country, through our humor, we have admirable resilience! After all, why cry over spilt milk (even though we didn’t spill it!)  

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