“I am so hurt with how my personality is being misrepresented publicly,” Urwa Hocane disappointed with Nadeem Baig

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Nadeem Baig is considered to be one of the finest directors we have at the moment. His ongoing drama serial Kuch Ankahi has specially been garnering massive praise. However, the filmmaker has landed himself in hot water over a recent remark he made. What was meant to be a simple answer that Nadeem Baig gave to a question asked by Fahad Mustafa during his show ‘The Fourth Umpire’ has ended up hurting Urwa Hocane.

An episode of the talk show by Fahad Mustafa which aired last week welcomed filmmakers Nadeem Baig and Nabeel Qureshi as guests. During a segment of the show where the guests had to answer questions based on options given to them, Baig was asked which female actor throws the most tantrums on set. His options were Urwa Hocane, Mehwish Hayat and Ayeza Khan, with Baig choosing Hocane’s name.

While no further justifications were given on the show, Urwa Hocane took to Instagram to address the matter and narrate ‘her side of the story’. Expressing disappointment over the fact that many Pakistani talk shows now require their guests to put their co-actors or colleagues down in the name of ‘fun’, Hocane elaborated that she has only worked with Nadeem Baig once, on Punjab Nahi Jaungi. On the set of the same film, they had a difference of opinion on the song ‘Lak Hilna’.

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The actor shared how, despite the differences, “we eventually went with his aesthetics, choice of song and the dance step as I sensed he was unwilling to hold a discussion probably because as a society we have become so intolerant to a difference of opinion specially when it’s a woman.”

Hocane emphasized on how “despite being heavily trolled for the song, I never threw my director under the bus out of respect for him.”

She also talked about how she thinks “life for actors is hard enough by being in the public eye & so prone to unnecessary trolling at all times, how nice would it be if our dear colleagues didn’t play a part in instigating the audience further to target a certain individual. It’s hurtful and malicious.”

“I really hope this makes everyone understand that these games can actually be harmful for someone’s mental health and wellbeing,” concluded the actor.

Nadeem Baig is yet to respond to Hocane’s statement.

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