What does Mr. Bean have to do with the Pak vs Zim match?

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: It’s cricket season! Last Sunday, we all witnessed an incredible (and heartbreaking) match between rivals Pakistan and India that left us wanting more. Now, with Pakistan vs Zimbabwe facing off in the field, there has been a slight twist that no one really was expecting. Turns out, the two countries have some bad blood to settle on the field but for reasons other than cricket! You won’t believe us when we say the reason is Mr. Bean!

It all started when the PCB shared pictures of the team prepping for the Pakistan vs Zimbabwe match to which a Twitter user Ngugi Chasura pitched in to announce that Zimbabwe hasn’t forgotten the Mr. Bean scandal. Naturally, people were confused about what he was alluding to and asked for clarification on the matter.

The background behind the supposed bad blood isn’t as dramatic as the tweet alluding to it is, but it is as hilarious as it sounds! Turns out the Pak-Bean scandal dates back to 2016 when Pakistan sent comedian Asif Muhammad to the Harare Agricultural Show. However, for some reason, they were expected to get the real Rowan Atkinson on board. During his visit to Zimbabwe, Pak Bean was given the whole package the real Mr. Bean would have gotten including a police escort.

But Zimbabweans were not impressed. And so now, six years later, they plan to get their justice in the Pakistan vs Zimbabwe World Cup match.


And quite naturally, Pakistani social media is having a blast over the whole Pak Bean scandal!

Needless to say, whenever and wherever the Pakistan Cricket Team is, there is a whole lot of entertainment.

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