Thoughts we had while watching Dynasty

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: Move aside Indian soap operas because there’s a new show in town that will keep you hooked on all of its far fetched plots. Okay to be fair, Dynasty isn’t necessarily new and is in fact on season 5. But with each passing season, the plot just keeps getting so far fetched, you have to see it to believe it! From numerous murder attempts by various different characters, long lost family members, unexpected comas, and doppelgangers, here are all the thoughts we have while watching Dynasty!

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How do we keep track of all the crimes committed?

By the time you reach season 5 of Dynasty, a whole lot of drama has taken place and you can’t blame us for forgetting some previous plots, no matter how intense they were on the crime factor. And so, every time someone casually mentions a grievous crime committed against them in the passing, it never fails to surprise that yes, that really did happen! We need a crime tree made to remember who has done what! Here is a tiny checklist of some of the many crimes committed:

1. Murder

2. Attempted murder

3. Burning someone’s face off

4. Arson

And this is just scratching the surface of all that has been done so far!

How does Fallon get away with wearing that?!

Fallon Carrington is supposed to be one hell of a business woman. With a bunch of businesses to her name (honestly we have lost track of what she actually does) and a closet to die for (not literally though) and a character arc that is surprisingly wholesome, we cannot help but love her.

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But we have one major question. How does Fallon manage to get away with some of her fashion choices? Some of the outfits she wears can never be pulled off in a boardroom! Especially, if she is a successful woman who wants to be taken seriously for her brains and not her body.

How many long lost relatives will feature on this show?

By season 5 of Dynasty, you cannot help but wonder how many more relatives are left to show up.

It started with a long lost kidnapped son who turned out to be a creepy stalker/arsonist/murderer/doctor (we really cannot make these things up). 

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Then it turned into Jeff Colby, who Fallon was literally about to marry, being her cousin because they share a grandfather.

Then it turned into Alexis having a daughter who she gave up for adoption but suddenly remembered and re-connected with.

Then it turned into Sam finding his biological father, who he did not even know was his actual father. And to top it off his father is also dying of cancer. Fun times.

And in the middle of all of these storylines are subplots like doppelgangers who steal identities and literally no one knows the difference! Anything is possible in this show.

How does their hair and makeup stay intact for so long?

So between getting shot and then ending up in a coma, Fallon Carrington’s hair and makeup stays perfect. Her wing is flicked to perfection and her nail polish is so fresh it puts all our manicures to shame. All while she is comatose and bedridden!

Then there is Cristal Carrington who is diagnosed with a brain tumor which needs an emergency surgery. In the real world, that would mean having your hair shaved off, in order to get to skull. But in the Dynasty world, she has the life saving surgery without a single strand out of place! 

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And that is not all. She also gets kidnapped by her brother and is strapped to a chair for a couple of days while an imposter takes over her life. Despite her peril, her top knot hairdo doesn’t budge, her lipstick doesn’t smudge and she does not bother removing her heels!

Nothing compares to the wild ride that is Dynasty and with season 5 being the last spell, we aren’t sure if we’re ready to let go!

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