Cutacut’s Independence Day playlist

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: Since the beginning of August, everywhere you looked, you’d find preparations for Independence Day in full swing. With the day finally here, what better way to get into the patriotic mood than to listen to some of our most beloved national songs to celebrate Pakistan in all its glory? Here is a list of songs, some old and some remakes, that will get your national spirit in full gear!

Sohni Dharti

The original song was penned down by Masroor Anwar back in the 70s and was sung by Shahnaz Begum. The song is a tribute to the land we live on and the country we call home and encapsulates our love for Pakistan beautifully.

In 2015, Coke Studio season 8 brought together artists from the previous generations and the current one to re-sing the classic national song and it reminded us of our love for the country!

Aye Rah-e-Haq Ke Shaheedo

Written after the 1965 war, this national song sung by Naseem Begum and later by Noor Jehan pays tribute to the heroes who sacrificed their lives to protect Pakistan. No matter how many times you hear this song, it will bring tears to your eyes and leave you with utmost respect for the armed forces.

In 2017, Coke Studio season 9 once again brought together artists from Pakistan to re-sing the classic and it had the same effect as the original versions did!

Dil Dil Pakistan

Anyone and everyone who is from Pakistan loves this one! Sung by Vital Signs who were heartthrobs of their times, the song with its upbeat tune and simple lyrics makes it difficult not sing along to!

Ay Jawaan

Speaking of heartthrobs, Awaz which was a duo formed by Haroon and Faakhir, released their catchy song ‘Ay Jawaan’ in 1997. Fun to listen to and inspiring for the younger audiences, it’s no wonder why the song was so popular!

Dil Se Maine Dekha Pakistan

There are songs that move and then there are music videos that move you. ‘Dil Se Maine Dekha Pakistan’ falls under both categories. The song and the video which stars Naumaan Ijaz, tells the story of many who migrated to Pakistan, left behind their families and had to start afresh. Through all the tough times and the good times, they gave credit to their country for getting them to where they are! 

Khayal Rakhna

Aalamgir and The Benjamin Sisters were the biggest names of their times and so a song featuring both of them was a sure hit and that’s exactly what ‘Khayal Rakhna’ was and still is. The national song reminds us to take care of our country that has given us so much.

Yeh Watan Tumhara Hai

Originally sung by Mehdi Hassan, Shany Haider brought together some of our favorites actors including Zara Noor Abbas, Yasir Hussain, Zhalay Sarhadi, Adnan Siddiqui and Kinza Hashmi to recreate the beloved national song. It serves as the perfect reminder of what our duty as a Pakistani is to our country.

Tum He Say Ay Mujahido 

This medley sung by Junaid Jamshed and Soch the Band features some of our all time favorite national songs including Dil Dil Pakistan’, ‘Do Pal Ka Jeevan’ and ‘Tum He Say Ay Mujahido’. Different tunes, different genres and a new take on old songs, this is definitely a track you should add to your Independence Day playlist!

Har Ghari Tyyar Kamran

Nothing puts things into perspective than watching our armed forces in action and that is exactly what this remake song does! With Ali Hamza, Ali Azmat and Asim Azhar’s vocals set against the videos of our men and women in action, this track is not one to be missed!

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