Tum Ho To: Facilitating women’s ambitions

KARACHI: Shehzad Roy seems to have found the perfect middle ground between being a musician and being a humanitarian. Only recently, he released 'Maulay Vey' and 'Wajah', both songs highlighting important issues. While one was a tribute to the doctors at the forefront of the Covid-19 pandemic, the latter celebrated the often overlooked province of Balochistan. Now, Shehzad Roy has released yet another song with a social message, this time featuring Sajal Aly as his leading lady.

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‘Tum Ho To’ is a song produced in collaboration with Systems Limited. The video begins with Sajal Aly and Shehzad Roy spending a happy life together as a young couple. Aly has a Bachelors in Science and wishes to put her degree to use. However, like many in our society, her husband believes that she does not need to work. Like desi stereotypes go, a woman is best suited to be a homemaker while it is the husband’s responsibility to work and earn a living.

The woman in the video has everything she could wish for. A loving husband, a beautiful home, few financial responsibilities. However, the one thing she truly wishes for is brushed aside. Until her husband loses his job. This is when roles reverse. ‘Tum Ho To’ believes that women can work, whether it is their passion or the need of the hour. And that husbands can stay at home and do chores just as well as anyone else.

The song also shatters stereotypes that only certain professions are well suited for women. Being an IT professional is less heard of for women in our country. But now is the time to encourage our women to branch out. To put their academic knowledge to practice, explore fields that may be untapped.

‘Tum Ho To’ is also a lesson for men. That financial support is not everything that their wives or daughters might need. That there is no shame in asking for help. That there is no shame in doing house chores. That a profession does not have a gender.

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