Syra Yousuf, Shehzad Roy pay tribute to healthcare workers with ‘Maula Vey’

The music video tells the story of two healthcare workers who lost their lives while taking care of COVID-19 patients

By Farheen Abdullah

KARACHI: Fans of Shehzad Roy were excited when the singer posted the teaser of his next music video featuring Syra Yousuf. While the pairing of Roy with Yousuf was intriguing, the music video had to have a bigger purpose as well and that is just what the social worker has delivered. Titled ‘Maula Vey’, the track narrates a love story in the times of COVID while the music video is dedicated to two healthcare workers who lost their lives to the virus.


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While Roy sings of being separated from his beloved, viewers see hospital beds, healthcare workers in PPE kits and Syra Yousuf with an oxygen tube around her nose. Soon, it becomes clear that the two lovers have been separated by the virus which requires them to stay apart. In a socially distanced world, a glass window is the only thing that allows them to see each other.

The lyrics by Nadeem Shah remind listeners of the carefree days when one could sit by the beach with their friends and sing their favourite songs, or simply meet up at a dhaba for chai. The video by Ahsan Rahim is simple yet impactful. The dim lighting, gloomy atmosphere, handful of individuals and isolated shots beautifully depict the horror of contracting COVID-19 along with the compromises of healthcare workers.

The video ends with two empty beds, with millions more made barren in real life. As the new variant spread across the globe, the video has come at an appropriate time along with the reminder to get ourselves vaccinated.

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