Rohail Hyatt schooled for mansplaining menstruation

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Another day and yet another man trying to explain to women how their bodies work. One would have thought that Rohail Hyatt would be more careful when it came to his tweets after the criticism he received for trying to convince people that being poor is difficult but being rich is even more so. But it turns out he did not learn and for some odd reason, tried to mansplain menstruation. To a woman. Here is what went down.

It all started when Twitter user Sohni opened up a conversation about how tough it is for women to be on their period, from the physical pain to the mental and emotional fluctuations caused by hormonal changes in the body. She wrote, “We don’t talk enough about the mental and emotional affects of hormonal changes throughout a woman’s life. It’s so scary to know I’m crying because of a chemical but can’t do anything to fight it.”

Many women joined in on the conversation to talk about how exhausting it is to be on your period and how women still have to go about their everyday lives, “And still doing everything being a women with all silence should be appreciated.”

In the midst of the conversation, music producer Rohail Hyatt decided to add his two cents and impart his expertise about what menstruation is and how women can overcome the hurdles they face whilst on their period. He tried to explain that women need to “understand and realize the subconscious aspect of this sadness.” As per Hyatt, women feel sad on their period because they missed a chance at getting pregnant, “survival of our species is our primary function, shedding an unused egg post ovulation triggers a deep missed opportunity emotion wave.” To make things worse for himself, he advised women that the best way to overcome these emotions is through acceptance.


Quite naturally, Twitter users went wild and had a go at Hyatt. One user asked him the most important question:

To which the producer responded “No. But we all came from one…I hope!” As though that would make him the more equipped than women in understanding their bodies.

One user called him out for doing exactly what he was doing; mansplaining, “Please don’t mansplain menstruation to women. And meaningless advice like ‘Acceptance helps’ is literally useless to women dealing with pain, discomfort and a whole host of other possible issues.” But Hyatt simply refused to back down or quiet down. He responded to the tweet and wrote, “Why not? You all complain that men don’t understand or care what you go through and when one does care, you pounce on him?”

Other Twitter users could not help but find humor in the situation.


To sum it up:

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