Ridiculous things women cry about while on their period

One woman says she cried because she didn't want to brush her hair

By Farheen Abdullah

KARACHI: Yes, women cry a lot when they are on their period. But before you start judging or joking about it, understand why it happens.

Menstruation causes hormonal changes in females, often making them feel more emotional than usual. The drop in estrogen and progesterone, which occurs after ovulation, might be a trigger for these emotions. These hormones reduce production of serotonin, a chemical neurotransmitter, more commonly known as the happiness chemical.

While periods can be painful and uncomfortable at the very least, many women also have funny memories associated with their monthly cycles.

Cutacut asked a bunch of women about the most ridiculous things they have cried over while on their period. Here are our favourite responses:

1. The overprotective mom

We all know how protective mothers can be of their children, but this particular mom cried all night when her six-month-old slept in his cot. She felt like he was all grown up and did not need her anymore.

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2. The messy one

Female emotions can be a bit of a mess during the menstrual cycle but this girl had another mess to deal with. She did not want to brush her hair. Amazing how this makes no sense but all the sense in the world at the same time.

3. Humans aren’t the only ones with feelings

This particular lady recalls crying for her car which was at the workshop after an accident. “Woh bechari sochti hogi hum accident main marr gaey hain, woh dunya main akeli reh gae hai,”  is what she was thinking while crying.

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Oh PMS! You just got through that really great week and then boom. All that pre menstrual tension is rearing its ugly head again. If you are one of those mega babes who like to keep on doing it like they do in the adverts, then we are all like, go for it girl!! However some of us mere mortals may just not feel like getting up to all that much in the lead up to and while we are on our periods. And you know what? @biddieclub we say that is totally fine! We spend so much time worrying about what other people think. We feel like the world is going to move on without us if we don’t keep up – but actually, resting up during your period is really really good for you. Did you know that our menstrual cycle can be segmented into seasons? Like literally you can break each phase up into the 4 seasons like winter, spring, summer + autumn and when we are in the latter stages of our autumn and winter (when we bleed), we may not have the same kind of energy levels we may have had during our spring/ summer. The more we rest up during our menstrual phase, the more energy we conserve for the brighter phases and the more productive we become in the long run. So yeh, turn those feelings up. Grab a blanket, hot water bottle, cup of tea and stay home in the comfort of your own sweat and bloats. Let’s stop minimising our PMS. You can learn more about how you to “Improve Your Menstrual Health. Naturally.” By downloading my FREE ebook. Follow the link in the bio.

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4. The remote control

It’s funny how many inanimate objects have been able to trigger the waterworks. One woman said she cried because her brother wouldn’t give her the remote control. Another simply cried because her remote was too far and she did not want to get up and reach for it.

5. Feeling needy

Our partners may often be on the receiving end of our confusing behaviour during periods but hey, that is the price they have to pay for loving us, right? One woman remembers crying because her husband spent too long in the bathroom. The poor fellow then came out and hugged her promising to ‘never do it again’.

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