Jameela Jamil wants to end diet culture

"Our aesthetic, designed by patriarchy, is not an emergency. You know what is an emergency? The eating disorder epidemic we are in," she wrote

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI:Jameela Jamil has time and again used her influence to raise voice against the unrealistic standards set by society, specially for women. As holiday season across the globe continues to be celebrated, Jameela Jamil took to Instagram to remind her followers something very important. “Don’t let the diet demons get you today. This is a BIG WEEK for diet/detox predators to feed on your learned/irrational guilt for eating food you’re lucky to have this holiday season,” she began.

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“You don’t need to punish yourself today. Or any day,” the body positive activist reminded her readers. “Remember: A handful of people, mostly men, make a FUCK TONNE of money from our taught self hatred. Every time you give in to that feeling or purchase a “quick fix” that jeopardizes your mental and physical well-being… they win and they cash in. I am BEGGING you to unfollow, block, mute or delete anyone, even someone you like, if they participate in food or body shaming today. Even if they’re shaming themselves. That shit rubs off on others. It encourages them to judge themselves accordingly. Protect your head,” urged the mental health advocate.

For those who do willingly want to change their body size for the better, Jamil reminded them that “it is ONLY safe and sustainable to do it VERY slowly,” and that the ‘quick fix’ plans being sold by companies barely work. “They’ve convinced us our bodies are an emergency.”


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“Our aesthetic, designed by patriarchy, is not an emergency,” Jamil went on to encourage her audience. “You know what is an emergency? The eating disorder epidemic we are in. Eating disorders being the highest cause of death of any mental illness. 24000 kids a year being admitted to hospital from dodgy diet products. The mental health crisis we are in. These companies rely on our self doubt and submissiveness in order to make billions in profit.”

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“When you see this shit this week. As we crawl towards the doomsday of January 1st, NEW YEAR NEW BODY hell… don’t get mad at yourself. Don’t get mad at your body that does SO much for you, because it doesn’t look like a MADE UP beauty standard… GET MAD AT THEM. These fuckers don’t have to win again. We have the power to stop this and bankrupt them and save millions of people if we STARVE THEM OUT NOW. See how they like to be deprived?

Don’t give them your time, your tears or your clicks. Let’s take them down and reclaim our happiness and self respect together. They are nothing without us.”

Following her post, Jamil received a number of messages from her followers telling her how they had been seeing 4 to 5 weightloss adverts within minutes of each other on their tv or mobile screens. Infuriated, Jamil went on to write another note for the diet industry that she labeled as ‘criminals’.

“We are in a pandemic. The fucking last thing our bodies need right now especially is for us to be in a panic about our bodies,” wrote Jamil as she urged everyone to block accounts that were promoting diet culture. “Self defense of the mind is what we are all going to nail together as our New Years resolution next year. I want a black belt in fighting diet culture and the bullies in my head.

You with me?”

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