Twitter obsessed with Mehreen from Hum Kahan Keh Sachy Thy

She sees Aswad as the entitled man he is and is not afraid to show him his place

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: We earlier established that Aswad’s character is rather confusing in Hum Kahan K Sachy Thy. In fact, he is downright entitled. Played by Usman Mukhtar, Aswad is the foreign return cousin who is juggling between two female cousins. He says he loves one of them, Mashal (Kubra Khan), but continues to dictate Mehreen (Mahira Khan) as well. It might have earlier seemed like a competition between Mashal and Mehreen over who gets Aswad but in episode 6 of Hum Kahan K Sachy Thy, Mehreen makes it very clear that she has no interest in the man. Even better, she puts him in his place when he tries to question her life choices. One particular exchange between the two characters has Twitter rooting for Mehreen through and through.

In the scene, Aswad confronts Mehreen about having spotted her having lunch with a man he claims to be her boyfriend. He also claims that Mehreen entertains and roams around with multiple men and even has proof against her. Like an entitled man who must protect his family’s honour, Aswad tells Mehreen that she does not care for their family’s honour in the least. Mehreen might have been fond of Aswad at one point but now she knows that he has no right to speak to her like that. She is not answerable to anyone, specially not Aswad. Naturally, Twitter loves Mehreen standing up for herself just as much as we do.

Mehreen’s response to Aswad’s “go to hell” seems to have a separate fanbase altogether.

Even better is the fact that Aswad isn’t the only character that Mehreen knows how to deal with. Mashal is another obsessive character who makes sure that Mehreen does not live a happy life. When Aswad’s mother rejects Mashal’s proposal for her son, Mashal lashes out at Mehreen and warns her to stay away from Aswad. Mehreen, who was never a fan of Mashal, shows her cousin that her time to be the bully is over.

One Twitter user even asked the real question…

Episode 6 of Hum Kahan K Sachy Thy definitely established Mehreen as a character who knows what she wants from life, knows how to stand her ground and more importantly, knows how important respect is. Mashal and Aswad, on the other hand, don’t seem to have a lot of fans even within the drama. Will Aswad eventually come to his sense and stay out of Mehreen’s business or will he continue acting like an entitled man who wants the best of both worlds? We will find out soon.

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