Thoughts we have when Instagram is down

From obsessively refreshing our feeds to blaming our internet provider, these thoughts crossed our minds when the app wasn't working recently.

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: There’s no denying that a large chunk of our day is spent browsing social media apps. From reading up on the latest news to catching up on what our friends and family are up to, there’s no better way to spend our time than scrolling through social media. But what happens when one of the apps collapses? Instagram took a hit today when the app crashed without warning. As a result, people went into panic mode. Here are all the thoughts one had when Instagram crashed earlier today.

1. Blame the mobile phone

No matter how old or new your mobile may be, the knee-jerk reaction everyone had when the Instagram app wouldn’t work was to blame their phones for not working right. From restarting your phone to tossing it aside dejectedly to complaining to anyone who will listen that you need a phone, you’ll go through all the steps until someone around you lets you know that their app isn’t working either.

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2. Blame your internet provider

Once you get confirmation that the blame doesn’t rest with your phone, the obvious next step is to blame your internet provider. You’ll complain about how slow the internet is and how terrible their service is and announce that it’s about time that you find a new provider. Some might decide that cursing them out isn’t good enough and will call the internet provider to give them an earful about their terrible service. All while the poor representative will try to explain that your internet is working fine, but you obviously won’t believe him.

3. Blame Mark Zuckerberg

Once you realize that Instagram has crashed and your internet and phone are both working just fine, you decide to blame Mark Zuckerberg for the entire problem. He already owns Facebook, why did he need to take over Instagram as well? His greediness and desire to create a social media monopoly are to blame for the app crashing the way it did. You also sit and wonder how a technology giant and his company can’t fix the problem and wonder what’s taking them so long.

4. Aimlessly stare at your phone waiting for the problem to be fixed

Although Instagram was the only app that wasn’t working and the others were working fine, that simply didn’t matter. You already watched all the stories on Snapchat and no one really uses Facebook anymore and so all you really want is to scroll through Instagram. You begin experiencing extreme FOMO and you wonder about how life went on before Instagram became so popular. It feels as though the world is standing still and won’t go back to normal until the app starts working again.

5. Rejoice that Instagram is finally back

When you attempt one last hail Mary to get the app to work again and it does, you can’t believe your luck and you relish in how great social media is and you take out a moment of silence for the people who grew up before social media was even a thing. And if you’re someone like us whose work is reliant on social media, you zoom through the stories to be the first publication to report on the news you missed while Instagram was down.

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