Parizaad is off to an interesting start

While the drama looks promising, there are a few shortcomings.

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: Ever since Hum TV dropped the teasers for their latest drama Parizad, fans couldn’t wait to see what the project had in store for them. With a star studded cast which includes some of the biggest names in the industry including Noman Ijaz, Urwa Hocane, Ushna Shah, Yumna Zaidi and Saboor Aly, the drama was predicted to be one of the best of the season before it even released. Much to the delight of the fans, Parizad is finally on air and two episodes in, here’s what we know about the drama so far.

The drama begins on a gloomy rainy day as a man, played by Saleem Mairaj, receives the news that he is a father to his third son and fourth child. Rather than rejoicing in the news, he worries about having another mouth to feed. To add to his woes, he learns that his wife named their son Parizad. He asks his wife why she would do that to their son especially considering that their other two boys had normal names, Akbar and Asghar. He foreshadows that his son’s name will define him when he grows up.

The drama then cuts to the future with Parizad (played by Ahmed Ali Akbar) grown up. Shy and soft spoken, Parizad has grown up to be a complete bookworm. As a result he’s often ignored, bullied and taken advantage off. His sister-in-laws taunt him about money and kick him out to a smaller room to make space for their own kids. His brothers also taunt him for being studious and it seems as though the only person who is on his side is his sister.

We are also introduced to the neighbourhood goons. A bunch of young men who have nothing better to do than to sip tea while playing board games. Heading the gang isShoukhi Bhai. We learn that Shoukhi Bhai is in love with a girl whose face he hasn’t seen but has been pursuing for three years. But Shoukhi Bhai isn’t good with words and doesn’t know how to approach the girl of his dreams and so he enlists Parizad to write him the love letters he needs to woe the girl. Although it is pretty clear that Shoukhi Bhai is going to be the reason for Parizad’s problems it’s hard not to like him. He’s relatable with all his corny love language and his unrefined way of speaking. Him apologizing to Parizad and willing to take responsibility for his actions so that the latter can get out of trouble in the second episode is also worth appreciating.

The girl Shoukhi Bhai is in love with is Mirza Sahab’s, played by the beloved Muhammad Ahmed, daughter. Played by Ushna Shah, Naheed is a sweet girl who is terrible at Urdu so her mother hires Parizad as a tutor. There is a connection between the two characters which is spoilt by Shoukhi Bhai’s terribly unthought out plan.


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One major problem with the drama is that there are way too many characters and there are so many more left to be introduced. It is hard to keep up with the names and sometimes it is hard to keep up with how the characters are related. Another aspect which does not necessarily sit well is the way the characters speak. We get that Parizad is supposed to be an intellectual man but in today’s day and age, no one speaks in such refined language, at least not in everyday conversation. And it’s not just Parizad’s character who speaks that way.

Enter Majid Bhai, the good boy of the neighbourhood. He prays in the mosque and takes care of his aged father and is the boy every father wants for his daughter. And he speaks in such refined Urdu that he sounds like a 70-year-old man. Majid Bhai is also very fond of giving lectures on morality and religion and while his holier than thou attitude is bound to get on our nerves, his involvement with Naheed brings an interesting twist into the storyline.

From the first two episodes, Parizad promises to be a drama that will bring something new to our screens beyond the stereotypical plots. We’re excited to be introduced to the rest of the characters and see what the plot has in store for us.

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