Arts Council bans entry for non-vaccinated individuals

The centre for Karachi's performing arts scene has been at the forefront in terms of organizing vaccination drives.

KARACHI: Covid-19 vaccination has been made mandatory for anyone wishing to enter the premises of the Arts Council of Karachi, a major centre of the city’s cultural events. Earlier, when the vaccination process had only just begun in Pakistan, Arts Council was a key centre that arranged for a vaccination drive for its esteemed members.

The rule will be implemented starting from July 1st, 2021. Good news are in order as the President of the council i.e., Muhammad Ahmad Shah made an announcement regarding the revival of cultural activities at the centre. He however urged that vaccination will be mandatory for anyone who wishes to participate in any conversations, programs or conferences held at the Arts Council. All the members of the council’s governing body, employees, as well as students have been vaccinated already.

The President also claims that the Arts Council is the first institution to have successfully administered vaccination to all its members. However, should there be any members who have been left out, they are urged to vaccinate themselves and their family members effective immediately before the restrictions are imposed on July 1st. Any non-members will not be permitted inside unless they have been fully vaccinated.

Arts Council is the hub of Karachi’s theatre and performing arts-related events. The centre is famous for its contributions to music, literature, dance, acting, stage plays, etc. As the pandemic struck, the Arts Council like many others had to suffer the brunt of it. However, shortly afterwards, the space started to adapt to the new normal and organised events with strict SOPs in place. One example being the dignified Women’s Conference, where a number of women were invited over a series of panel discussions to shed light on the many areas they feel gender discriminated in. Book launches were also held outdoors, such as the launch of Sateah Afreedi’s book, i.e., ‘We Are All SINNERS In The End’.

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