Senior members of Arts Council get vaccinated in Karachi

Leading showbiz and public figures have received their first dose of vaccination at the centre established by the Sindh Health Department

KARACHI: In collaboration with the Sindh Government, the Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi has been administering vaccination to members of the Council above the age of 60. From 31st of March, this facility has also been extended to people above the age of 50.

Owing to this, a number of celebrities, media personalities, journalists, political and social personalities have received their first doses. Some of the recipients include Nabeel, Fakhir, Rubina Qureshi, Syed Mohammad Ahmed, Ayaz Khan, mother of Kaif Ghaznavi, Owais Toheed, Fazil Jamili, Naila Wajid w/o Waseem Akhter, and Secretary culture & tourism Akbar Laghari.

Veteran actor and scriptwriter, Syed Mohammad Ahmed was highly impressed by the smoothness of the entire vaccination process. He said, “Before I arrived here I was rather concerned about the atmosphere but it only took me seven minutes to get vaccinated at the ACP Vaccination center. I’m supremely impressed by the etiquettes of all the staff here.”

Another satisfied recipient of the dose and renowned actor Actor Ayaz Khan said, “Arts Council has always organized great cultural activities but now Arts Council has gone to great lengths to provide such excellent medical facilities. I am really satisfied.”

Another actor, Kaif Ghaznavi said, “I am really happy to bring my mother here for the vaccination the entire medical team and Ahmed Shah deserves credit.” On the other hand, a senior actor, Mustafa Qureshi commented that “The atmosphere is so peaceful, no rush, no waitings, I urge everyone to get vaccinated”.

Many others, including Owais Tawheed, noted how impressively Ahmed Shah and his team conducted the entire vaccination process. Senior journalist & anchor person Wusatullah Khan mirrored his sentiment, “I heard there is chaos in most vaccination centers but the vaccination process in Arts Council was held in a very calm manner.”

The vaccination process at the Arts Council, Karachi is being conducted from 10:00 am to 16:00 pm.

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