It’s a wrap for drama serial Nand…FINALLY

The shoot of the seemingly never-ending project finally came to an end.

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Drama serial Nand is one of the longest running plays of all times. Featuring Faiza Hasan in the titular role when it started off last year, it went on to constantly top ratings. The cast also includes Minal Khan, Shehroze Sabzwari, Ayaz Samo, Aijaz Aslam. With the nand-bhabhi at the heart of the play, it was a tale of violence, manipulation and misuse of power. However, as the drama progressed and one expected to head towards its conclusion, it took a new turn not just in terms of plot but also cast members. Javeria Saud replaced Faiza Hasan as Gohar while a bunch of new actors made appearances in the new episodes. It is not less than a season 2 of sorts, leaving us wonder why is the drama still going on. Those who do not know, Nand had its episode 138 aired last night and there are still more to go. However, the good news is, the shoot has wrapped up and so will the drama. Soon, hopefully!


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Aijaz Aslam, a constant in the drama with a key role in newer episodes, took to social media to announce the news. “It’s a wrap … finally the shoot of Nand is over and you will see some really exciting finishing episodes … thank you everyone for making it the longest running top rated drama of 2020 .. love you all!”

Nand certainly is the longest running drama in recent times but 2020 is long gone. We are at the end of the first quarter of 2021 and the drama is no longer able to keep viewers’ interest intact. It has nothing new to offer accept for extending the toxic narrative unnecessarily. With episode 138 the latest to air, let’s see how many more episodes Nand has to offer before it comes to an end!

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