Pakistani web series Clickbait makes it to Amazon Prime

The story revolves around two young YouTubers finding their paths converging over similar styles of content and points of interest

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Clickbait is a web series surrounding the life of two YouTubers who come together to generate content. Along the way with a clash of ideologies, the two part ways and decide to separate their content. The story explores their lives as they curate content to shape their surroundings, and as they get shaped by their surroundings in return. The feedbacks and how their personal fights are a matter of public discussion as most people see public figures as inspection-worthy. In a recent turn of events, the web series has made its way to Amazon Prime, a big win for Pakistani content.

Imagine Nation shared the news through their Instagram Account saying, “CLICKBAIT is streaming on Prime Video now! For all our viewers in Japan, the UK, the USA & Germany – Go binge watch!”

Clickbait lays the foundation for Pakistani content to take up space on a global streaming giant. This is definitely good news for content creators in the sense that now there can be another important avenue for them to extend their content’s reach.

The first episode of the series premiered on the 4th of December 2020. It features some very notable YouTubers and public figures, such as Ali Gul Pir, Muzammil Hassan, Humna Raza, Khalid Malik and Mooroo.

The two lead characters are Asad, played by Sami Rehman, and Sara, played by Rida Zehra. The story starts with the two taking up vlogging and soon having their paths converging as they expand their horizons, tread into travel vlogging and develop a friendship through their creativity and similar points of interest. As a web series, Clickbait explains in detail how tedious and exhausting it can be to share your life with your audiences, how demanding the job can be, and how it may not all be fun and enjoyment, but also good strategy and a ton of hard work.

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