Hania Aamir pens down life lessons from 2020

"Let's not remember 2020 as lockdown days but as the teacher that it was" she writes

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: 2020 was a difficult year for people around the world. Many dealt with calamities other than the pandemic as well, while millions lost their lives to the virus. However, as vaccines for COVID-19 are made available, the world can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and is ready to bounce back. Referring to the same hurdles, Hania Aamir recently penned down her own struggles through the year in a belated birthday post. As the actor turned 24, an intimate party was thrown for her by her friends but fans did not get to hear from Aamir herself. Revealing that she had been caught up with work, Hania Aamir posted a picture from her birthday along with a heartfelt caption.

Comment: Some good things to come out of 2020

“This has been a difficult year for all of us. Some of us lost our loved ones, some of us questioned life & some of us found the true meaning of it. We’ve learnt how time can be cruel and uncertain & how we need to make the best of what we have. So much learning so much love and so many blessings and a big big alhamdulillah for everything; for what we’ve been through and for what is to come for us,” she began.

Revealing that she always feels like she is on an emotional rollercoaster around her birthday, Aamir elaborated on what she had learnt this particular year. “I’ve been through my fair share of bad days and I’m human and I can be sensitive towards life. Now THAT IS WHAT IVE LEARNT THIS YEAR! It is okay to have a bad day, it is okay if you want to cry and let it all out, and it is okay if you want to take a break from it all and treat yourself. Basically it’s okay if your not running with the world. You’re your own person and you have your own pace and you will get what you deserve and more at the right time.”


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The post talked about self-love as well and allowing oneself to take a break and catch a breath, “Give yourself a break and be kind to yourself and others around you ; big alhamdulillahs for every step of the way and no losing hope! Let’s not remember 2020 as lockdown days but as the teacher that it was,” Aamir wrote.

The actor ended the note by thanking everyone around her for family, friends and fans for the love that they continue to shower her with.

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