Ayesha Omar, Hania Aamir start YouTube channels

Celebrities are becoming content creators and we aren't complaining

KARACHI: In this day and age, it seems YouTube stars are more influential than celebrities. But what happens when celebrities become YouTube stars?

Ayesha Omar and Hania Aamir are the latest celebrities to add content creators to their designations. Just last year, Mahira Khan started her own digital platform Mashion, promising to create a community to empower young Pakistani women.

Ayesha started her own channel on YouTube, where she put up her first video of a visit to Sirat-ul-Jannah, an orphanage. This was followed by a short video introducing her channel, in which she promised to share tips and tricks to living a healthy life.

Check it out here:


Meanwhile, Hania released her first vlog on Wednesday, promising viewers a peek into her busy schedule.

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