10 famous Pakistani women whose personal style is off the charts

Hi. Please share your clothes with us

KARACHI: It is never a bad time to express appreciation for good clothes and great style. The following Pakistani women are winning at everyday wear while we can’t even manage to take a shower before getting dressed.

1. Mahira Khan

For those who started following Mahira Khan’s style AFTER her Cannes appearance, let us remind you that she has always dressed to kill.

2. Fouzia Aman

Fouzia Aman is hands down one of the most well dressed models in the country. She hardly ever makes a mistake and has developed a distinct style over the years.

Only Black ⬛️◾️▪️

A post shared by Fouzia Aman (@fouziaaman) on

3. Ayesha Omar

Ayesha is always travelling all over the world and looking fly while she’s at it.

4. Sadaf Kanwal

Damn, gurllllllll.

5. Syra Shahroz

Sairoz is fabulous when it comes to pulling off over-sized pants and dressing them up really well. Look at her earrings here.

7. Amna Babar

Who knew heels could go so well with this look?

8. Sanam Saeed

Talk about an all-white affair. Take notes for what works with what.

9. Saheefa Jabbar Khattak

I mean, do we really even have to say anything?

#saheefajabbarkhattak Wearing @hamzaasgharbokhari 🌸

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10. Amna Ilyas

How cool yet easy breezy is this airport look?

Pose or no pose? #pia #piaholiday

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