Twitter applauds Bilal Abbas Khan’s performance in Dunk

Episode 7 of the drama has viewers commending the team behind the project, especially Bilal Abbas Khan's portrayal of Haider

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Drama serial Dunk began with the story of a professor accused of sexual harassment who ultimately died of suicide. Professor Humayun’s (played by Noman Ijaz) death leaves the other characters shocked in episode 7 of Dunk, especially when students and neighbours alike, refuse to attend his funeral. Bilal Abbas’ character, Haider, is one of the very few to attend the funeral. A specially powerful scene features Yasra Rizvi (who plays the role of the professor’s wife) carrying the dead body on her shoulders because not enough men were around to fulfil the duty. At this point, Haider, with his face hidden with a black cloth, lends his shoulder and helps the other men carry the body.

Since Episode 7 of Dunk aired on television on Wednesday night, viewers have been commending the entire team behind the project. A drama which was initially met with criticism was applauded for strong performances and direction in the latest episode.

Particularly, Bilal Abbas Khan is being praised for delivering a remarkable performance without having too many dialogues.

Yasra Rizvi’s performance has also been appreciated by viewers. While her character was not seen crying over her husband’s death in the recent episode, Rizvi’s facial expressions conveyed the shock and disbelief that a widow must go through, especially one who has a young daughter to give answers to. The teaser for episode 8 shows her breaking down while Amal (played by Sana Javed), who accused the professor of harassment, prepares to get married to Haider. How will Haider deal with the situation after knowing the truth which is a mystery that many don’t know of?

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