Anoushey Ashraf and Amal Qadri style one item of clothing in different ways

Here is how the stylish duo is promoting sustainable fashion

By Farheen Abdullah

KARACHI: Sustainable fashion has definitely picked up pace in 2020. We saw Mansha Pasha and Sajal Aly endorse the concept earlier this year. Ayesha Omar, too, shared a styling video in which she paired a single white shirt with five different pants. Realizing that “sustainable fashion is the way forward,” Anoushey Ashraf also took to her Instagram to share a styling video. Together with Amal Qadri, she created looks for various occasions keeping one item of clothing constant.

While Ashraf chose a shimmery silver trouser as her item, Qadri styled a silver blazer in four different ways. Let us break down each of their looks.

The cowgirl look

For the first look, Ashraf and Qadri recreated cowgirl looks. Ashraf paired her trousers with a black t-shirt and a round hat. Qadri wore black pants and a collared white shirt with a tube top under her shimmery blazer. Both of them completed their looks with boots.


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The second look had Ashraf sporting her trousers with a white collared shirt and a blue pull-over cardigan. Qadri went for a plain blue t-shirt and jeans to go with her blazer. Both of them picked sneakers to go with their outfits.

Party wear

With shimmery items of clothing, a party look had to be on the list. For their third attempt at sustainable fashion, Ashraf put on a beige fur coat while Qadri wore a a turtle-neck under her blazer. The outfits looked perfect for a cold evening out with friends.

Formal wear/Wedding looks

With the wedding season at its peak in Pakistan, it only made sense for a shaadi look to be created with the outfits. The formal looks were the neatest and most creative out of the four. Ashraf wore a black blouse and draped a festive maroon dupatta like a saree. A gold necklace and heels finished her look. Qadri wore flared white pants which looked much like a gharara and put on a thin belt around her blazer to bring the outfit together. She also chose pearl earrings and a silver bracelet to go with her formal look.


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