Desi parents have always practiced sustainable fashion: Mansha Pasha

The actor took to her Twitter to share her observation

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Fashion is fast, constantly changing and often difficult to keep up with. In recent times, however, sustainable fashion seems to have become the new trend. With celebrities all over the world endorsing the concept, people are being encouraged to recycle and reuse old outfits and work towards a healthier environment for all. Mansha Pasha, however, does not think that sustainable fashion is a trend. The Pakistani actor took to her Twitter to remind audiences that desi parents have always been practicing the said trend which has only been given a fancy name now.

She wrote, “Sustainable fashion/living: Dont know why this has become a trend because its been given a fancy name. Its basically what parents in the subcontinent have always taught their children: cheezoin ko zaya mat karo aur kapre ko alag alag occasions par use karo! (Do not waste things and reuse clothes on various occasions)

Pasha’s words must have been nostalgic for many readers as she shared how her sisters would always wear each other’s clothes as children. The actor even shared a story from one of her dramas, “The same was done on the Zindagi Gulzar Hai set to give the true vibe of a desi household. Some scenes I wore Sanam’s clothes she wore mine or Sana’s. In short, desi fashion is sustainable fashion.”

Real-life sister duos in the entertainment industry have also been spotted sharing outfits, including Urwa and Marwa, and Aiman and Minaal. While it is a norm for South Asians to repeat or exchange outfits, celebrities are often considered to be trend setters and so their actions and choices are more noticed. Actor Sajal Aly was also praised by the local audience for repeating her engagement dress on another occasion while Saboor Aly recreated the look from her sister’s mehendi in a drama serial.

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