Daraz hosts its launch event for #GyaraGyara

Opening its platform to a number of discounts and stories of customer satisfaction, the team talks about their successful marketing strategies

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: At a launch event in Marriot Hotel, Karachi, team Daraz came together to announce their most esteemed upcoming event – the #GyaraGyara sale which is set to go live on 11th November 2020.

Online shopping was a much go-to phenomenon to the world prior to COVID-19 but has now become the most convenient and safe method of shopping in the pandemic that struck the world. With a number of buyers switching to online shopping, most retailers have joined in the race and are opening online retail centers along with their offline, physical ones.

Daraz.com allows users to not only buy from the online store but also establish their own shops, thus supporting small businesses and providing them with a platform to grow.

The CMO of the company, Muhammad Ammar Hassan went on stage, addressing a large gathering of their business partners, sponsors, and shareholders, along with a fair number of attendees from the media fraternity. He spoke on how the media too, has the responsibility of helping them get the message across as to how easy Daraz makes things for its users.

Ehsan Saya, the Managing Director also took the stage briefly disclosing how the recent viral video of a group of children who received an empty package was responded to by the company.

The company instantly sent a wide range of parcels for the young vlogger, including the drone all three of them had been waiting for initially. The parcels included handwritten notes and a heartwarming video was curated to narrate the whole experience.

The video concluded with the little vloggers recounting their happy experience, and was met with awe from all across the hall.

During the event, CMO Muhammad Ammar Hassan also revealed the recent 50 Crore ad. The frames of which initially gave the impression that a Pakistani Money Heist was in the making.

The CMO proceeded to explain how the ad fulfilled their marketing strategy as a “viral stunt”, helping them increase the share of talk.

He further broke down the marketing strategy by saying most brands work on advertising the product, however, the strategies their online store set in motion helped them get people talking about their brand instead.

Several heads of leading companies including TCL, HBL, TCS, Xiaomi, One Plus, etc took shared the platform over a couple of panel discussions that discussed the current state of E-commerce post-COVID-19, and how effectively these giants took control of the situation as soon as the lockdown began. The panel highlighted planning being a key force behind the current status, as well as realizing right on time as to when the company needs to take the plunge and evolve to the change happening around them.

The heads of team Daraz also spoke on the matter of discounts and how they affect consumer behavior. They often make buyers habitual of discounts, due to which the store has to smartly keep changing their strategies and often come up with deals instead of discounts to keep things less repetitive. We have yet to see what Daraz will have in store pertaining to the #GyaraGyara sale, which will allow easier shopping at lower-than-market-rate prices.

Daraz also brought to light its plans of affiliate marketing with renowned social media figures like Faiza Saleem, Ali Gul Pir, Saira Yousuf, etc.

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