Ankahi 2020 to premiere at Arts Council on 1st November

Haseena Moin's original script of the iconic play has been adapted for stage

By Buraq Shabbir

KARACHI: Dawar Mehmood’s upcoming theatre production is an adaptation of Haseena Moin’s past play, Ankahi. Titled Ankahi 2020, the stage adaptation will feature model turned actor Amna Ilyas as the protagonist, Sana Murad. The script, with Haseena Moin’s permission, has been loosely adapted by creatives Sajid Hasan and Saqib Sameer. Produced under the banner of Kopykats Productions, Ankahi 2020 is premiering at the Karachi Arts Council of the 1st of November.

“The year 2020 was full of depression and anxiety,” a recent post on the production house’s social media read. “But there is always light at the end of the tunnel. So let’s end the worst year with the biggest production in town. Ankahi 2020 premiering on 1st November. It will run till 30th November at the Karachi Arts Council.”

After delays caused by the pandemic, a press conference was recently held to announce new dates. Director Dawar Mehmood also shared that there might be a few changes in the extended cast due to their schedule. The premiere was supposed to be on October 20 earlier. However, according to recent updates, Ankahi 2020 will open to the public on November 1 and will run for a month.

Speaking to Cutacut in an earlier interview, director Dawar shared that he does not feel any pressure as far as the script is concerned. He explained, “Haseena Moin has approved it. There are a lot of changes as compared to Ankahi. It is a new play with the same gist. A few characters and sequences have been used otherwise the rest of it is very different. I’ve experimented with some of the things for the first time. Set variations, costume changes will be without any wait for the audience. This is being done in Pakistan for the first time.”

Meanwhile, Haseena Moin had said, “It has been long since Ankahi was written for the first time. Dawar has adapted it according to present times. It has a message of love for youngsters. I hope it reaches out to fans of Urdu language and Ankahi.”

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