Haseena Moin to write a web series on breast cancer awareness

The iconic playwright will be writing two more web series in the coming months

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Iconic playwright Haseena Moin does not need any introduction. She has penned plays like Tanhaiyaan, Dhoop Kinarey and many others that the world remembers even today. However, she had been very unhappy with the kind of content that is being aired on local TV these days. She has stated on several occasions that channels do not call her anymore and also dictate the writing process. The good news, however, is that Haseena Moin is gearing up to write a few web series.

According to recent reports, the playwright has joined hands with RINSTRA Technologies as one of their Board of Advisors. Under the collaboration, Haseen Moin will write a special web series on breast cancer awareness. She herself is a cancer survivor and her message is to, ‘Beat Cancer’. “If you have the strength to fight, nothing can beat you. You can beat anything,” she asserted during her message.

In addition to the above, Haseen Moin will be writing two web series exclusively for the platform. RINSTRA  is Pakistan’s first short-form digital media platform for on-demand streaming and for creation
of user-generated original content. “Our young minds need to learn creative writing techniques for the new mediums of storytelling,” the playwright said on collaborating with the platform. “Empowering and educating our youth through storytelling is a very powerful and important objective for our nation-building. We must tell the Pakistani narrative to the world through new forms and techniques.”

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Those who do not know, the playwright’s popular script, Ankahi, is all set to get a theatre adaptation this month. Director Dawar Mehmood and writers Sajid Hasan and Saqib Sameer have adapted it for the stage. The launch for the public is due on October 20, 2020, after delays caused by the coronavirus outbreak. Haseena Moin has given permission and approved the new script to be presented as Ankahi 2020. Let’s wait and see what it hold in store for viewers.

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