Generation has released a really cool and important video on breast cancer awareness

The brand takes the responsibility of teaching self assessment techniques to women

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: As the month of October is also known as Pinktober, it means that entire month is dedicated to breast cancer awareness, an illness that affected nearly 2 million women all around the world in 2018. It is the most commonly occurring cancer in women and the second most common cancer overall. According to Pink Ribbon, Pakistan has nearly 40,000 cases of breast cancer annually, which means that every ninth woman is at risk.

Generation is one of the few brands that takes its marketing very seriously. The one common theme is inclusivity – women of all shape, colour and age are represented by the brand. Therefore naturally, Generation chose to release a video this month to help women with breast cancer awareness. Narrated by Aamina Sheikh, the video teaches women on how to examine their breasts to detect any changes that could be a symptom of breast cancer.

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The video has received a lot of support, with singer Meesha Shafi and model Cybil Chowdhry also applauding the brand’s creativity and sensibility.

This isn’t the first time Generation has received applause for being thoughtful and responsible towards its shoppers. The brand often breaks stereotypes with the models it chooses and doesn’t discriminate against colour or age.

They also once did an entire campaign specifically for pregnant women and didn’t shy away from featuring pregnant women in their photoshoot.

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