Ladies, you can ditch your bra during corona-lockdown and even after that

It's a myth that your breasts will sag without a bra. In fact, not wearing them can actually be beneficial

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: One silver lining for women in the current lockdown situation is that we have all ditched our bras at home. Let’s face it, no one likes wearing them. They’re tight and uncomfortable and they leave marks and bruises on our backs and shoulders (especially if you’re well endowed and need thick straps to pull you up).

But while being bra-less may be fun for now, many women are concerned that their breasts may start to sag eventually. And turns out, that’s a common misconception most women have about their breasts: your breasts do not depend on bras to remain in shape. In fact, wearing a bra all the time does the exact opposite.

Basically, breasts usually sag due to age and gravity (or if you’re a larger cup size or if you’ve lost a lot of weight suddenly). The Cooper ligament (ligament in your breast) loses elasticity over the years and there is a 15-year French study that claims that wearing a bra all the time does some damage to your breast shape. According to the study, the “support” of bras weakens the ligaments in the chest, making the breasts droop.

And while we’re at it, here are some other benefits of not wearing a bra:

Improve circulation

Tight clothing is just not good for body circulation and it’s the same for your breasts when you wear a bra all the time (especially when sleeping). Lose the bra, improve your circulation.

A good night’s sleep

If you’ve been wearing a bra while sleeping, now is the time to change that habit. No, contrary to the popular myth that wearing a bra while sleeping will give you breast cancer, there is one other disadvantage of wearing bras. According to the study, your bra can impact your circadian rhythms and prevent you from sleeping comfortably.

Save money

Um, have you tried buying a bra recently? That shit is expensive! Forget it.

Be comfy!

The point is, bras won’t cause damage to your breasts, so we aren’t suggesting you get rid of them entirely. What matters is your comfort. Are you comfortable with one or without? If you’re better off without them then you do you sister.

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