People want maids not daughters-in-law in our society: Saba Qamar

The only tea Saba is serving at a rishta is piping hot and she’s spilling it

Our new favourite actor-turned-YouTuber Saba Qamar has been keeping it real while spilling some necessary tea about the double standards in our society.

In her latest episode titled #BreakTheStereotype, she tackles the rishta culture that so many people in this part of the world are invested in.

The video shows Saba being visited by a ‘rishta aunty’ or a matchmaker Shumaila Gujjar aka Shimmy Jee.

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Shimmy Jee promptly takes out her note book to interrogate a skeptical looking Saba about her height, weight, complexion and other superficial facts about her life which have nothing to with her ability to be a “khandaani bahu”.

In true Saba Qamar fashion, she responds to each question with quick-witted replies.

“Shimmy Jee: Gender?
Saba: Object

Shimmy Jee: Comlexion?
Saba: Pretty complex

Shimmy Jee: Height?
Saba: More than your average Pakistani man.”

But the real kicked is her minute-long monologue about our double standards and hypocrisy when it comes to choosing “khandaani” girls for you less-than-perfect boys.

“Ask them how ‘khaandani’ their sons are,” Saba says, adding, “Khaandani boys don’t get high, don’t watch mujras, don’t raise their hand on women.”

“Their son will do nashaas, but the daughter-in-law has to be khaandani. Ch*****,” she says.

Saba goes on to say that the truth is that our society has two kinds of rishtay walas: ones from conservative families and ones from liberal families. But both want a maid, not a daughter-in-law.

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She goes on to talk about how the family pressurises the daughter-in-law to bear sons — not daughters. She ends the monologue by saying that she wants to get married on her own terms and for herself not to show other people.

Shaadi karo, karobaar nahi,” she says to a flustered Shimmy jee who excuses herself and scurries away.

Watch the full video here:

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