We’re just as tired of these sexist questions as Saba Qamar is

In her latest YouTube video, Saba Qamar shows us what it's like for women to be interviewed by the media

KARACHI: Ever since the lockdown has been imposed, a lot of celebrities have turned to their YouTube channels. Stars like Zahid Ahmed and Hania Amir constantly keep updating their fans with new videos and as it turns out, Saba Qamar is also keeping up with the trend.

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Saba has been posting various videos, some of which have been written by her, and the latest video pokes fun at interviewers who have asked Saba some strange questions in prior interviews.

In fact, she seems to be taking a dig at one prominent journalist, Sohail Warraich, who has on several occasions interviewed the star and asked some sexist questions.

In her version of the interview, she covers topics like ageism and the media’s obsession with when Saba Qamar will get married (which is a question all single female actresses have to bear).

Here is the interview that Sohail Warraich did with Saba Qamar and Sarmad Khoosat and it turns out, some of the questions in Saba’s parody video are taken word for word from this interview:

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