Twitter calls out Punjab Bar Council over alleged use of sexist quotes in diary

You need to see it to believe it

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: An image of what seems to be an official diary of Punjab Bar Council (PBC), depicting a sexist quote on its header, is making the rounds on social media.

The quote states: “Jis qaum ne auraton ko zaroori se zyada azadi di woh kabhi na kabhi zaroor apni ghalti par pashemaan hogi.” Or, “The nation that gives too much freedom to its women will regret their mistake sooner or later.” The issue surfaced when an NGO, Equality and Diversity Committee (EQD), took up the matter and posted the image on Twitter, calling for the removal of such sexist quotes.

Naturally, Twitter refused to back down on the matter.

Soon after, another user, who happens to be a lawyer, posted an image of another similar quote.

It states: “Aurat ke saath zindagi basar karna mushkil hai, magar aurat ke baghair zindagi basar karna iss se bhi zyada mushkil hai.” Meaning, “Living with a woman is difficult but living without her is even more difficult.”

The Punjab Bar Council is yet to comment on the matter.

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