Film-maker Jami reveals he was raped by ‘powerful person’ in the media

In a series of heartbreaking tweets, film-maker details his story from 13 years ago

By Maha Ali

KARACHI: Film-maker Jami revealed he was raped by a “powerful person in our media world” in a series of heartbreaking tweets this Sunday. The extensive post detailed the painful experience he had with a media “giant” who sexually assaulted him 13 years ago.

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The film-maker, who is a well-known supporter of the #MeToo movement, began the thread highlighting the issue of some people attempting to discredit the #MeToo movement, with some waiting till it fails or backfires. He tweeted, Tragedy of Desi society is that as if so many were waiting for #metoo to fail backfire. Entire colossal efforts are pouring out today to discredit this movement knowing every movement has elements which are open to anyones action which cud hurt the trust. But sadly so much power.”

In another tweet, Jami wrote that he was close to his rapist, calling him a friend, whom he helped with shoots for “mega high end books and museum launches”.

Although he didn’t disclose the name of the perpetrator, Jami said he confided with a few friends, who turned around and laughed it off. While the #MeToo movement has picked up world over, most of the victims and survivors who are speaking out are women. In many cases, survivors of sexual assault who are men find it hard to idenify themselves as survivors because of the pre-exisiting notions of masculinity and sexuality.

Jami went on to describe how he needed months of therapy and medication after the assault. He also recalled how he was unable to mourn the death of his father after seeing his rapist visit his house for condolences.

Jami’s tweets have brought people to admire his courage and have initiated discussion relating to the sexual harassment epidemic in the country and the problematic reactions that some people tend to have in relation to the victim’s gender. As suggested by one of Jami’s tweets, he was subjected to the notion of being a ‘mard’ and casually seeking revenge in the form of rape, equating oneself with a rapist and becoming wrong if one is wronged.

Twitter has been reacting positively in support for the filmmaker and are demanding justice.

Cutacut has reached out to Jami for an official comment on the matter.

Last year, Pakistani witnessed its fist high profile #MeToo case, when singer Meesha Shafi came out with allegations of sexual harassment against Ali Zafar.

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More details emerge

More details of Jami’s alleged ordeal emerged on Wedensday, after the film-maker posted more tweets on his account.

Jami wrote that he has nothing to lose now, and if pushed around, he would come out with more details. He eluded to a few already, saying, “I will spill moment to moment details of that day. Lunch with his mother, to doping, to brutal details of his ring cutting me from inside to his elbow on my neck.”

He went on to add that his rapist insisted that he admit he enjoyed it afterwards, to sitting in his car and screaming and crying.

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