Eva Zu Beck stirs controversy following tourism videos of Syria

The travel vlogger is being accused by several users to have 'joined hands with the Assad regime'

By Maha Ali

KARACHI: Polish travel YouTube vlogger Eva Zu Beck became famous in Pakistan after a video she posted last year of herself dancing on a PIA aircraft draped in the Pakistani flag. A lot of users supported her in this mission to promote a positive image of Pakistan, yet others were skeptical and believed that it was a propagandist aim by the government that was funding her travels.

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Eva has gotten a fair share of media coverage and attention in Pakistan and now that she’s left the country to pursue travel vlogs in other countries, her most recent video titled “What’s It Like to be a Tourist in Damascus in 2019?”  has received a fair share of attention with people accusing her of being used by the Assad regime to hide the bitter truth of the situation that the city is currently facing. This narrative of misrepresenting Syria in a fantasised/ unrealistic image is being labelled as problematic and distracting.

Eva has yet to comment on the claims being made on her trip to Syria. Last year she posted a video stating that her main aim was to promote tourism in Pakistan after receiving criticism from users on her KIKI challenge video.


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