7 ways to beat existential dread on International Happiness Day

Because serotonin is a fundamental human right

By Yusra Jabeen

KARACHI: It is a joyful day today on planet Earth, quite literally. Aside from celebrating Holi and Purim — the Hindu and Jewish festivals respectively that incidentally both commemorate the victory of good over evil — people are also observing the International Day of Happiness.

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In July 2012, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted a resolution in which the signatories proclaimed March 20 as the International Day of Happiness. The members states officially recognised “the relevance of happiness and well-being as universal goals”, further emphasising the important of happiness when drafting public policy.

While some may find it funny that the UN, which often gets criticised for its lack of pre-emptive action as climate change persists and women still don’t have their rights, decided to pass a resolution to remember happiness as an important factor in policy-making, the International Day of Happiness is a stark reminder that humans across planet Earth are desperate for sweet escapes.

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Here are a few ways an average desi millennial can medicate their physical exhaustion of existential dread:

1. Disconnect.

Go off the grid. Give your brain, and your eyes, some rest. No screen-time is a good screen-time.

2. Say No to guilt trips.

Guilt is one of the most useless emotions. And it seems like all the wrong people have it. It is not your fault your boss or your parents are not happy with you.

3. Declutter

When life feels overwhelming, organise. Or simply declutter. Throw things away that you haven’t used. Get rid of all the extra “stuff” and feel your day lighten up.

4. Dump your toxic partner

Speaking of de-cluttering… please get rid of your toxic partner while you’re on the cleaning spree.

5. Spend time with someone IRL

…and not on a URL. Meeting your friend the old-school way of real life is refreshing, 10/10 recommend.

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6. Eat without hating yourself

You are so much more than what you eat. Enjoy every bite. Love every morsel. Build a healthy relationship with food. Make Gordon Ramsey proud.

7. Do something for yourself

And do it with absolute abandon. Start tiny. Find joy in an ice cream cone or take a 10-minute walk. But do that one small thing that makes you happy.

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