Feeling sad lately? Don’t worry, it’s just the weather

Autumn asthenia is an actual seasonal illness with a scientific explanation

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Have you been feeling more tired than usual? Experiencing a perpetual bad mood? Having trouble sleeping or sleeping too much? Don’t fret too much about it. It’s just the onset of fall bringing you down.

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In a video, Playground explored this topic.

It isn’t depression, it’s autumn asthenia.

Posted by PlayGround + on Thursday, September 28, 2017

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Feeling sad when autumn arrives is actually a pretty common condition. It’s officially known as Autumn Asthenia and is supposed to last for about five to six days. However, it may leave some people feeling a little blue.

The explanation behind this is that when summer ends, the hours of sunlight we are exposed to on an everyday basis gradually diminish. As cold temperature (well as cold as it can get in Karachi) begins to seep into the atmosphere, the hormone ‘melatonin’ starts to increase. This is basically the hormone that helps regulate sleep and body temperature. As a result ‘serotonin’ falls and the feeling of happiness is replaced with that of sadness.

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Even though, seasonal change across the world occurs in different ways, the human body has trouble adapting to the changing weather.

Here are a few things you can take up so you don’t get trapped under the weather. Literally.

1. Watch happier films on Netflix

Because Netflix cures everything – it’s fit for all seasons.

2. Listen to feel good music

Hey, it works sometimes.

3. Go to bed early

Since days become shorter in winter and nights become longer, you should take that as a blessing in disguise and get more sleep.

4. Exercise

Don’t forget to stick to that workout routine. Stay healthy.

5. Honestly, do whatever the fuck feels right

Because we’re just as clueless as you

Thanks for coming to our sasti TED talk which wasn’t designed to help you in any way. Peace.

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