Naimal Khawar sends the internet into a frenzy

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: What happens when a celebrity decides to make a decision for themselves irrespective of what anyone might have to say? They send the internet into a frenzy. And the perfect example has been the conversation surrounding Naimal Khawar and her supposed surgery. A drastic change in her appearance led to a lot of speculation and a lot of trolling over the weekend. But it also serves as a reminder that we need to be kind. Even to celebrities.

She looks like a completely different person!

When Naimal Khawar’s looks for Asim Jofa’s Eid collection were released, people were shocked to say the least. They were taken aback by her new look and many claimed she was almost unrecognizable. Twitter users expressed disbelief and some even said she looked more like another actor than she did herself.

It must have been the sister in law or husband behind the surgery!

Naturally, a woman cannot make a decision for herself. There has to be a greater conspiracy behind it. Some Twitter users decided to blame Khawar’s sister in law, Fazeela Abbassi, a famous celebrity plastic surgeon, for “destroying her beauty.” Some evenΒ  blamed her husband.

Even beautiful girls are insecure.

One question many people had was why would someone as beautiful as Naimal Khawar opt for cosmetic surgery? But the answer is pretty simple, even beautiful women have their insecurities.

Her face, her money, her choice!

In the midst of all the trolling, some sane Twitter users spoke up about how our opinions on whether Naimal Khawar got surgery or not are irrelevant.

Remember to be kind.

We often tend to forget that celebrities are humans too. While we sit behind our screens saying just about anything we want, our voices do inadvertently reach those we’re trolling.Β 

Whether Naimal Khawar got surgery done or not, it isn’t something that warrants our opinion!

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