Taher Shah’s Eye to Eye to make grand return with Hollywood movie

KARACHI: Over the years, there have been songs that have made quite the impact in our lives. They live rent free in our minds, with lyrics memorialized. A decade ago, Taher Shah came out with such a song. ‘Eye to Eye’ became the song of our generation and now the 42-year-old is back with a bang. Taher Shah recently announced that Eye to Eye is going to be his first Hollywood movie!

Taking to social media, Taher Shah announced the news of his Hollywood debut and called it, “The beginning of a new era of Taher Shah.” The movie which shares the name with his legendary song is, “A unique story of eternal love named Eye to Eye. Taher Shah has written the film script, dialogue, screenplay, and song lyrics. He is also the singer and musician of the film and will play the protagonist character in the movie produced by Eye to Eye Ltd. In the film Canadian, American, and international artists will act and new faces will be introduced.”

The project had been announced a few years prior however, faced unseen delays. As per Shah, “Once its script was completed the director of the film was also announced but due to schedule issues shooting didn’t begin. After that, due to the covid-19, it was delayed furthermore. Last year Shah made changes to the film script and decided now he will direct the film as well.” He went on to reveal that he, “Desired to release this project on the completion of the decade of the Eye to Eye song on May 3rd, 2023 but due to the above-mentioned circumstances, it has changed.” As per his statement, Taher Shah is well aware of his fan’s excitement over his Hollywood movie but he also knows good things take time. He doesn’t want to rush his work and instead is striving to ensure everything is perfect because, “It’s a big and international project and colossal things take time to create and require years of hard work especially when a unique kind of project has to be released therefore it will be released at the right time. Patience is the key to it.”

Needless to say, we cannot wait to see what Taher Shah has in store for us!

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