10 ‘reasons’ why Chris Pratt needs to book his ticket to Pakistan now

The Guardians of the Galaxy star needs to join the list of these celebrities who've visited Pakistan

KARACHI: Earlier this week, the Hollywood A-lister Chris Pratt, in a tweet directed at a Pakistani user, reminisced about a Bowie knife he once owned which was ‘Made in Pakistan’. He also went on to express his desire to visit Pakistan one day.

So, we’re here to help speed up Pratt’s thought process by listing some of the celebrities who have made it to Pakistan.

1. Angelina Jolie

The Mr and Mrs Smith star visited Pakistan as the United Nation’s goodwill ambassador in 2010, reported the Telegraph. And we were pretty nice to her with the exception of our former prime minister Yousuf Raza Gillani who was a bit creepy.

US actress and UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie gives a press conference in Islamabad on September 8, 2010. PHOTO: AFP

2. Lady Diana

Her Royal Highness visited the country in 1991, according to Daily Times. And hey, if she can. Then so can you.

The Princess of Wales arrives to visit the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore on September 27, 1991. PHOTO: AFP

3. The Beatles

In 1964, the Beatles landed in Karachi for a layover on their way to Hong Kong, as reported by The Express Tribune. And they liked Karachi, yeah yeah yeah.

PHOTO: FACEBOOK/THEBEATLES (Photo not taken in Pakistan)

4. Mohammad Ali

The legendary boxer visited Pakistan in 1988, according to Dawn. And we welcomed him with open arms.

Picture taken 28 February 1967 in New York. PHOTO: AFP

5. Aamir Khan

He was supposedly visiting Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf’s chief Imran Khan in 2004, according to a news report in Dawn. But whatevs, he was here.

Aamir Khan pictured in Karachi. PHOTO: FACEBOOK/MOHAMMAD.FAHEEM.KHAN

6. Neil Armstrong

One minute he’s on the moon. The next minute he’s in Pakistan. YES! Don’t believe us? Newsline reported it. Pratt, we’re telling you, this is a great place to be. Some may say, as great as the moon.

PHOTO: NASA (Photo not taken in Pakistan)

7. Naseeruddin Shah

The veteran Bollywood actor was in Pakistan to promote his book And then one day: A Memoir in 2015, reported The Express Tribune. During his stay, he also attended the Lahore Literary Festival and conducted a theater workshop at the Karachi Arts Council.

PHOTO: AFP (Photo not taken in Pakistan)

8. Robert DeNiro

Yes he did. YES HE DID! We’re not sure why he was here though. All we know is that he was in Chitral in 2004 and he stayed at Hindukush Heights Hotel, according to Dawn.

PHOTO: AFP (Photo not taken in Pakistan)

9. Pope John Paul II came to Pakistan 

Well, if the Pope could do it then I mean… His visit was beautifully penned down by journalist Peter Jacob for The Express Tribune.

Pope John Paul II shakes hands with former Pakistan Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif. PHOTO: AFP

10. Nandita Das came to Pakistan 

The Earth star visited as recently as March this year, as reported by The News. Just btw, according to various media reports, she has visited Pakistan more than once.

Bollywood actress and social worker Nandita Das arrives for a press conference in Karachi on February 14, 2009. PHOTO: AFP

But a word of friendly advice: If you do decide to visit, just plan your trip during winter.

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