Theories we bet ‘You’ did not see coming

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: Our favorite serial killer is back! Joe Goldberg thought he had lived through it all and made us believe that he would be a changed man in You season 4. But where Joe is, murder is sure to follow. Fair warning, this article from this point onwards will contain spoilers, so read at your own risk! After killing his wife and faking his own death, Joe decided to try to track down Marianne in Europe. When things didn’t work out for the two for obvious reasons, he tried to reinvent himself in London as Jonathan Moore. And so, our favorite serial killer found himself smack dub in the middle of London’s elite. He also finds himself smack dub in the middle of a murder mystery. Someone is killing off the rich and is trying really hard to put the blame on Joe.

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By the end of the first part of You season 4, we learn that the “Eat the Rich Killer” is actually Rhys. A riches to rags Mayor of London candidate, who hates his rich peers and who also discovers Joe’s real identity making him the perfect scapegoat. However, if there’s one thing that the fans of the show know, it is that things are never that easy for Joe. With part 2 coming out in March, theories are floating around about what can possibly happen. Here are some of those theories which will blow your mind!

Theory 1: Joe’s redemption arc

While we all know Joe is a selfish man who only cares about going after what he wants. However, You season 4 sees a very different side to the psychopath. For starters, when he finally manages to track down Marianne, he lets her go when he sees she isn’t interested in him anymore. For a person who literally stalks, murders and traps people in cages, this was very uncharacteristic of Joe.

Similarly, after being literally hunted by Roald, when Rhys offers Joe a chance to kill Roald and when Joe has the chance to leave Roald behind in a burning building, he chooses not to. For many, this is indicative of a possible redemption arc for our resident serial killer.

Theory 2:  Love is alive and in cahoots with Rhys

Okay, to be fair, this is one of the more far fetched theories fans have come up with but anything is possible. Fans honestly thought Joe met his match with Love in season 3 and were really sad to see her go.

But if Joe can survive the fire, who’s to say evil genius Love can’t? A bit far fetched to be honest considering that the plot has moved way beyond Love and Madre Linda. Will we be upset if Love makes an appearance? Not at all. Are we expecting her to? No.

Theory 3: Joe is the killer

This is one of the most insane yet most possible theories about You season 4. Having Rhys reveal himself to be the killer seemed way too easy for the show. Which lead a lot of people to closely observe the character and come to a conclusion that Rhys might actually just be Joe!

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The theory suggests that while Rhys is an actual person who is running for mayor and is friends with the gang, his interactions are all a figment of Joe’s imagination. After reading Rhys’ book and realizing the two have a lot in common, Joe becomes fixated on him. As it turns out, no one else in the gang is ever around in all the times Joe and Rhys interacted, they’re either too drunk, unconscious or in another room altogether. Why does Joe create this version of Rhys? One theory suggests it’s linked to Marianne, he’s trying to prove that he isn’t the bad guy she thinks he is (even though he is!) and so he creates a killer who he needs to catch and save the day.

To drive the theory in further is the observation that every time someone ends up dead in season 4, Joe is out of it. When Malcolm is killed, Joe is black out drunk. When Simon is killed, Joe is super exhausted and when Gemma is killed, he was literally thrown out of a castle balcony. It makes sense, Joe does have the motive!

Theory 4: Marianne and Nadia are sus

It seems way too convenient for Marianne to simply get away from Joe. We all know that Joe is obsessive about his love interests and so there is no way, her story line has ended. 

The same applies to his student Nadia. She’s gotten quite a bit of screen time and has helped Joe out quite a bit. It’s not prudent to believe that she has a place in part 2 as well!

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