Shaan Shahid’s Zarrar to release on September 23

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Two years ago, Shaan Shahid released the trailer for his new movie Zarrar and gave us a hint at how Pakistani movies can include political thrillers in their genres. However, his timing was unfortunate as not soon after, the world was hit by the pandemic and the movie was put on hold. For two years, many wondered whether Zarrar would see the light of day. As it turns out, Shaan Shahid’s new movie has finally got a release date!

The actor took to social media to announce the news. He shared the posters for his movie and tweeted that it is all set to release next month. To be more precise, “#zarrar the wait is over .. releasing 23rd September 2022. InshaALLAH.”

Going off the trailer, Shaan Shahid’s new movie promises to be an intense political thriller with conspiracy at its core and centers on foreign powers conspiring against Pakistan. Between religious fundamentalists and a tag team between India and the West, it is clear the end goal is to bring about, “The dark future of Pakistan.”

But not all hope is lost. Shaan will play Zarrar, an ISI agent who will singlehandedly bring the evil forces down. However, every hero has to pay a price and Zarrar will have to see his love interest, played by Kiran Malik, become a pawn in the grand scheme of things. Shaan had revealed that the new movie is actually based on true events!

The movie also stars Nayyar Ejaz, Rashid Naz and Shafqat Cheema and is Shaan’s sixth project as a director.

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