Can we stop holding Jemima Goldsmith responsible for Pakistani politics?

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: It seems as though politicians in Pakistan are willing to stoop down to any level to get a one up on their opponents and that includes targeting ex-wives and children. Jemima Goldsmith recently became the target for anti-PTI sentiments. Eventually, she took to Twitter to vent her anger and frustration over the protests that are to be staged by PMLN outside her house in London.

A few days ago, PMLN announced that in retaliation to PTI supporters protesting outside Nawaz Sharif’s residence in London, they would do the same outside of Jemima Goldsmith’s house, simply because she is Imran Khan’s ex-wife. Goldsmith took to Twitter to share a picture of the poster and wrote, “It’s almost like I’m back in 90s Lahore.”

Goldsmith also responded to journalist Hamid Mir to remind him that both, she and her children, are far removed from PTI and Pakistani politics as a whole. So much so that her children do not even have social media profiles.

Hamid Mir, however, defended his stance drawing a comparison between Goldsmith and Maryam Nawaz, questioning why she does not condemn harassment of women. He also dragged Goldsmith’s brother into the discourse.

To which Goldsmith reiterated that be it her ex-husband or her brother, she has nothing to do with their politics.

Goldsmith also took the opportunity to talk about how this protest which included posting her home address online breached her safety especially since she has had to deal with her fair share of stalkers and has restraining orders set against individuals.

Journalist Murtaza Ali Shah, however, continued to delve into Goldsmith’s past despite her concerns. He dug up some of her older Tweets and shared videos of her sons whom she shares with Imran Khan.

Khan and Goldsmith were married in 1995 and eventually got divorced in 2004. She had to endure her fair share of hate during her marriage to the former Prime Minister which many speculate was one of the reasons for their divorce.

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