Shireen Mazari reacts to Aurat March’s political stance

KARACHI: The past few days have been a whirlwind of politics in Pakistan and discussions about all that is happening end up as heated debates. And that is exactly what happened when the Aurat March Twitter handle voiced their political opinion which did not sit well with PTI’s Minister of Human Rights, Shireen Mazari.

The exchange began when Aurat March tweeted against Prime Minister Imran Khan having the National Assembly dissolved and wrote, “We condemn the political circus that has erupted due to the fragile masculine ego of a person who has sabotaged democratic processes just to save the perception of his individuality and to stage a dirty maneuver for his comeback to power.” They explained why they have such a staunch stance on the matter, “As activists hailing from marginalized backgrounds, any undemocratic action undertaken by the powers that be, mirroring the dictatorial patterns of a cruel past, have the capacity to deprive us of any hope for a better future where all citizens will be treated with equality and justice.”

Shireen Mazari was quick to respond to the tweet sent out by Aurat March and made a few claims of her own such as where the movement gets its funding from, “This shows Aurat March has little to do with genuine issues faced by women in Pakistan and more with politics and political agendas. Since many here have NGOs funded from abroad this statement, while condemnable, is not surprising. Fact is the US sought regime change and we do not accept it.”

Naturally, Twitter users all weighed in on the Aurat March-Shireen Mazari exchange.

Some called out Mazari for stating incorrect statements in her tweet:

While others pointed out the hypocrisy in her stance:

However, others felt that the tweet sent out by Aurat March had its fair share of issues:

Others wondered which political party Aurat March would side with:

Pakistan’s political situation remains uncertain as the political parties battle it out in court.

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