Ali Noor’s non-apology leaves Twitter furious

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: It’s been quite a tumultuous weekend with the news of singer Ali Noor, front man of rock band Noori, accused of sexual harassment. Over the span of the weekend, Ali Noor accepted the sexual harassment claims, wrote some confusing letters to his dead grandmother and posted them online. Noor also apologized in the most non apologetic way possible and then recanted the apology. Don’t worry, your head isn’t the only one that is spinning.

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But as the news began to spread, many people took to Twitter to express their emotions about what had transpired. For many, Ali Noor as a singer was a part of their growing up years and so they were torn between shock and disgust. Some pointed out the double standards society has when it comes to women calling out their abusers:

Others pointed how despite Ali Noor publicly accepting his fault, people still didn’t believe the survivor:

Many rightfully called him out for his half-baked attempt at an apology and called it for what it actually was:

Many were genuinely confused about what Ali Noor was trying to say in his apology:

Singer Ali Noor wasn’t the only one being called out for his problematic behavior. Some Twitter users even called out his enablers:

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