Coke Studio 2022 lineup unveiled

The 14th installment of Coke Studio has a a diverse line up and a slightly different format.

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: Earlier this year it was announced that Coke Studio was returning for its 14th season and this time Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan, better known as Xulfi, was set to headline the series as the producer. But with the pandemic raging on and uncertainty looming, there was no fixed date as to when the new season would release. However, in an exclusive with Express Tribune, the recent developments for the new Coke Studio season have been revealed including the lineup.

Bringing in his own take to the format of Coke Studio, Xulfi plans to include younger and more happening “associate producers.” This includes Abdullah Siddiqui and Zain Ali who rose to fame for his Peshawar Zalmi anthem as well as EDM maestro Talal Qureshi. Xulfi will also be producing songs in the new season. By including new people in the song production process, it will allow for more experimentation and might also make Coke Studio more appealing to the younger generation.

The lineup also promises a diverse sound range that will include various genres of music. For the younger generation having  the Joona crooner Hassan Raheem as a part of the lineup makes Coke Studio that much more exciting. And it doesn’t stop there. Xulfi is also including the rap genre with Faris Shafi and Talha Younus as part of the lineup which is a welcome change.


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Fan favorites that are a part of the new Coke Studio season include Abida Parveen, Atif Aslam, QB, Momina Mustehsan, Naseebo Lal and Meesha Shafi. Faisal Kapadia from Strings will be making his debut as a solo artist which might partially fill the void created by the Strings split.


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This year we will also get to hear underrated singers such as Soch The Band, Karakoram, and the Butt Brothers make a name for themselves and in a surprise move Justin Bibis who rose to fame for their cover of Justin Bieber’s Baby are also a part of the lineup.

We can’t wait to see what the new Coke Studio season has in store for us!

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