Bilal Abbas, Hadiqa Kiani starrer Dobara to air on October 20

The new drama has garnered a lot of hype with the unique storyline, new on screen pairings and an impressive cast.

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: There has been a lot of hype surrounding the upcoming drama, titled Dobara, that stars Bilal Abbas Khan and for good reason too. From boasting an incredible cast which includes singer turned actor Hadiqa Kiani, veteran actor Sakina Samo, Javed Sheikh and Usama Khan, the storyline seems to promise something new for the small screen. It promises to be a story beyond the typical saas-bahu fights, the conniving exes and all the tears that viewers are often forced to watch. With two new teasers for the drama and a release date announced, fans cannot wait to see Bilal Abbas Khan and Hadiqa Kiani share the screen in Dobara.

When the previous teasers for the Bilal Abbas starrer were released, what could be understood about the drama was that it was going to be intense and that it was going to touch upon a taboo topic. The synopsis simply read, “When destiny gives her another chance to be youthful again she takes a leap of faith, but at what cost?” The trailers revealed that the story will revolve around Hadiqa Kiani’s character Mehru marrying a man much younger than her (played by Abbas), after her husband’s death and will obviously be met with resistance. Sakina Samo seemingly plays the mother in law, who, with just one expression, manages to speak volumes of her disapproval. Usama Khan plays Kiani’s son Affan, who, like his grandmother, doesn’t approve of his mother’s new husband. So much so, it seems as though he’s willing to cause bodily harm to Bilal Abbas Khan who will play Maahir in Dobara. And in the middle of all the drama is Javed Sheikh, who seems to provide comic relief amidst the chaos.

Why is Affan so against his mother’s marriage? How did Maahir and Mehru end up together? Will the marriage last? With so many questions, it is a relief that a release date has finally been announced for Dobara. 20th October cannot come any sooner!

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