Disappointed cricket fan meme earns a spot at Hong Kong Meme museum

Sarim Akhtar has been the face of disappointment since 2019.

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: The Pakistani cricket team is full of surprises. They can either perform unbelievably well on the field or can underperform so bad that they leave fans speechless. And sometimes their performance can make you into one of the most popular memes of the decade. That is exactly what happened with Sarim Akhtar who became the face of disappointment back in 2019, when Pakistan was performing terribly out on the field. It’s been a hilarious experience for Akhtar which eventually ended up with him being featured in the Hong Kong Museum of Memes as the disappointed cricket fan meme.

Akhtar shared his excitement on social media writing, “I got featured in Hong Kong Museum of memes. Yoohoo.” It turns out that Akhtar himself didn’t know about his appearance until his sister came across the feature and informed him about it. The picture featured in the museum is titled “Disappointed Fan” and even has Akhtar’s full name written on it. The description says, ‘This photo features a disappointed cricket fan’.

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He also took the opportunity to express his excitement that Pakistan was being represented in the Hong Kong Meme Museum.

Ever since he became viral, Akhtar and his expression have been used in a wide array of memes. As far as becoming the face of disappointment is concerned, Akhtar has no issues with the title. In an interview, he once explained how he feels about being known as the disappointed cricket fan meme. “Most people become viral memes from their most awkward or embarrassing situations. But this meme has helped people celebrate me and laugh with me, not at me.”

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