Abdul Razzaq’s sexist remarks on female cricketers

Invited alongside all-rounder cricketer Nida Dar to Noman Ejaz's show 'G Sarkar', Abdul Razzaq was found making comments that did not sit well with many

KARACHI: Last month, cricketer Abdul Razzaq and Nida Dar made an appearance on G Sarkar, a show hosted by Noman Ejaz. The two cricketers discussed their respective careers, with Dar emphasizing how encouragement for women who wish to enter sports must begin at home. The episode aired on June 5th but when the video resurfaced a month later, the conversation is largely being discussed in the context of the sexist remarks made by Abdul Razzaq.

Speaking with Noman Ejaz, Nida Dar stated that her own father was a first-class cricketer, but she was still discouraged by her brother to pursue the field as a woman. “There is no future in cricket of girls,” she said, quoting her brother. However, she urged that women must be pushed forward because many of Pakistan’s current female cricketers are high-ranking ones, including Nida Dar who has qualified for the 8th position in the top twenty all-rounders across the world.

The conversation later progressed into Dar explaining, “We now have grounds available. PCB tries its best that women participate in cricket. Women come from different areas of Pakistan, such as rural areas to specifically play cricket. They wish to pursue cricket as a profession.” Cutting the conversation was one of the panelists, Ayesha, who said, “and then stop playing when they get married.”

Nida Dar pressed on that women try their best to play for as long as they can. To this, cricketer Abdul Razzaq stated, “Marriage does not happen.” With everyone in the room confused, the fast-medium bowler went on to add, “It is because of the kind of field they are in. As a cricketer, she wants to reach the level of male cricketers and wants to be able to do what we can do. She believes men are not the only ones who can do it, but she can too and has lost the ‘feel’. If you shake hands with her she does not feel like a girl.”

Nida Dar explained that her profession requires her to stay fit and attend the gym as well.  Interrupting her, Abdul Razzaq said, “You can look at her haircut,” as the panelists, as well as Ejaz, erupt in a burst of laughter.

Twitter has been calling out the sexist remarks made by Abdul Razzaq and shed light on the fact that not even someone as talented as Nida Dar is spared from casual sexism.

People have also pointed out that Abdul Razzaq as well as the panelists (one of which was a woman herself) made sexist remarks that reduced her to her looks and marital status.

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