Imran Ashraf teases fans with Raqse Bismil 2

The first spell of the recently concluded drama has been one of the most-watched in Pakistan

KARACHI: Raqse Bismil recently came to a close with over 378 million views. The drama was well received by the audiences who have sung praises when it comes to Sarah Khan (who plays Zohra) and Imran Ashraf (who plays Moosa). The story, in its initial phase, draws a stark contrast between the story of Jesus and Mary Magdeline, the latter giving up her old ways of life where she was a prostitute, to spend the rest of it on the divine path, guided by the Prophet himself. Raqse Bismil humanizes both characters even more as their stories highlight how strong their feelings turn out to be, towards one another, making the story even more relatable for the audiences, who have now been asking for Raqse Bismil 2.

Imran Ashraf tweeted, “Would you all like to see Raqse Bismil 2 made? Let me know.” He added the hashtag #RaqseBismil2 and asked his fans to tweet with the hashtag as well.

Soon afterward, many fans of the drama, and the actor started to tweet about the potential second. A fan wrote, “Imran Bhai, Raqse Bismil 2 should be made, but it should also have Moosa and Zohra. The way you and Sarah have said your respective dialogues is not something that could be achieved with any other actors.” Imran Ashraf retweeted the tweet and reassured the fan that if Raqse Bismil 2 is to be released, it will most definitely have the two characters played by the very same actors.

Becoming one of the most followed trends on Twitter, Imran Ashraf credited his fans for the love that made it possible.


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